Medical Humanities

In 2018 I received a distinction for an MSc in Medical Humanities at King’s College London.

I started a PhD with the title ‘Flesh and Blood’ in October 2019.

My PhD uses Critical and Creative Writing to address four questions:

  1. What metaphors are used by doctors and patients when communicating about foetal death?
  2. Is there a conflict between the way obstetricians imagine and describe foetal death and the way that women experience it?
  3. How are parental-foetal relationships represented or denied through these metaphors?
  4. How might these representations inform medical understanding of grief and maternal mental health?

Recent Publications:

Editorial: Debates in scientific practice. CAMH Editorial May 2019 – Volume 24, Issue 2

Outside the Asylum: A Memoir of War, Disaster and Humanitarian Psychiatry by Lynne Jones, Review, BJPsych Bulletin, 2019 (sole author)

Lunacy, Liberty and Law: A tale of two shackles? Asylum Spring 2019 (sole author)

Madness, Mind Doctors and Mrs Dalloway, Hektoen International Journal of Medical Humanities, Volume 10, Issue 4 – Fall 2018 (sole author)

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman: a gothic story of postnatal psychosis – The British Journal of Psychiatry July 2018 – Volume 213 Issue 1 (sole author)

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